The 20-20 Investing App

Your Vision into Pharmaceutical and Biotech Investing

The prescription drug market is over $500 billion in global annual sales

The 20-20 Investing app tracks over 100 publicly traded drug companies that develop or sell over 1,000 prescription drugs that treat over 300 medical conditions

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As an investor, you need a tool to sort through all of this information quickly and profitably

The 20-20 Investing App is updated daily and is designed to give investors the information they need to make informed decisions.

It enables investors to have a clear vision into this information when investing in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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The 20-20 Investing App takes a unique approach to delivering pharmaceutical and biotechnology company information


Quickly navigate for over 150 drug companies the stock price change for various time periods, with links to additional pages to provide more detailed information on financial and stock performance, news feeds from Twitter and upcoming events

Drug Detail

For a selected drug, 20-20 Investing provides the last eight quarterly sales figures, a description of the drug and any relevant development, licensing or collaboration notes, which medical conditions the drug treats and the FDA approval status

Accurate and Up-To-Date!

  • Daily Stock price changes
    • Compare Market Caps
    • Compare revenue and earnings multiples
  • Regulatory updates on FDA changes
  • Quarterly breakdown of drug sales
  • Two years of updated financial metrics

Highly Useable

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Deep and useful content
  • Compare one company or one drug vs. another
  • Ability to sort and categorize

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  • Company Dashboard
  • Company Stock Report
  • Company Financial Report
  • Company Drug Report
  • Event List



  • Company List
  • Drug List
  • Condition List
  • Drug Report
  • Condition Report

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About 20-20 Investing App

20-20 Investing app was created following a desire to help individual investors better understand the biotechnology industry, with the hope that this may help improve the chances the industry will continue to find cures and better treatment for cancer, diseases and all medical conditions.